When you write an essay about famous person you need to consider all the information about that person. It is important that you have broad knowledge about him. Make sure the collected information you have is all true. In addition, writing an essay about famous person takes time because you need to have a research on that well known person. This will be your problem most especially if you do not have much knowledge about him.

Three Steps That Guide You to Come up With a Good Essay About Famous Person

  • Introduction: You should make a good introduction about the person. Next is including the birth year and place of the individual. Make sure you will not exceed with two main points in your introduction paragraph.
  • Body: Discuss about the biography of the person. You can discuss at least three topics on the body however, be sure each topic is discussed in a separate paragraph. You can also include some examples if you want to.
  • Conclusion: In your last paragraph, repeat what you have discussed in only two to three sentences. Always remember that you should praise the person with strong words or statements.

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