It is no secret that students everywhere now purchase essays online.  Some are wise enough to continue to try to improve their own writing skills and order essay online only when their assignment work load becomes more than they can handle.  In today’s world it is easy to order essay online, but how safe is it?

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Are Essays Online Safe

The better sites are certainly safe for a credit card transaction for payment, but there are other safety issues here as well, and the biggest is safety from potential damage to your academic reputation and career through plagiarism.

In short, not all of these easy order essay online writing services do all they can to protect you from plagiarism despite their guarantees.  Read what they say and all they do is run the supposedly custom essay created for you through a plagiarism checking software program.  So that 100% guarantee is based on passing that software.  These places don’t tell you more and more colleges and universities are catching on to the game and have their own checking program available only to them.

The best guarantee against plagiarism comes not from some software program, but from a quality writer.

Does it Make a Difference Where You Order Essays Online

Some order essay online writing services look to increase their profit margins by hiring the cheapest writers they can find.  The less they pay the writer, the more they can keep for themselves while still charging you very little.

Then there are order essay online writing services like ours that hire the best writers we can find.  Compare us to our competitors.  Our writers all hold masters or doctoral degrees.  The competition will brag their writers are highly qualified and experienced but they won’t even tell you whether they are even college graduates or not.

If you want to feel safe that the essay you paid for did not come out of an essay date bank somewhere or was not cut and pasted from essays of prior clients of the order essay online provider, stick with a service like ours where we have high quality writers who don’t cut and past because they don’t have to.  They know what they are doing and they have plenty to say.

Another practice used by our competitors we take great pains to avoid is shielding writers from clients.  With those order essay online services, if you have a question for your writer once the project is started, you have to go through customer service to contact the rep.  We not only allow open interaction between writer and client we promote it because our business model tells us satisfied clients tell their friends and come back to us for more essays again and again.

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