Writing reflection essays are hard because all details must be accurate and excellent. A reflection paper is about your feelings, reactions and analysis of what experience you had but it is in a more personal way. If you want to have a good output, take note of these tips.

5 Tips on Writing Reflection Essays

  • Thoughts: When writing reflection essays, make sure you organize all your thoughts. Present your thought in logical order and explain them. Just like other papers, your essay must also be cohesive and direct.
  • Reactions: Explain substantially about your reactions. If you talk about your experience, mention what reactions you had and do. Do not depend entirely on your experience instead base your reactions about the experience you write.
  • Do not summarize: When you are making a reflection essay, avoid summarizing. It is also not about mentioning free flow of your thoughts or ideas but it is about your analysis and reactions to what you have read. Be sure you are formal all the times.
  • Organize thoughts: Since you are making a formal paper, your essay must be organized at all times. Be sure you have an introduction, good body and strong conclusion. Do not forget that there three parts will help you to organize your thoughts.
  • Proofread: Once you are done making your essay, be sure to re-read it to ensure it is free from mistakes. Proofreading is important so do not forget to do it on your paper.

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