What is Meant by “Academic Paraphrasing”

They say, paraphrasing is the ability to express the same idea in the different words and speech formulae. When you paraphrase you need to repeat the idea attributed to the original, but not word for word. While essay paraphrasing you need to apply your own unique style, expressions in order not to be accused on plagiarizing. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. The only way to master paraphrasing principles is practicing, practicing and practicing one more time. Gradually you will become a real “professor of essay paraphrasing”. In the opposite case, you may always buy essays online and forget this problem.

Tips to Make Paraphrasing Easier

If you need essay paraphrasing and want to learn its principles, follow the easy algorithm while reading a text:

Reading of the text – Taking notes while reading – Adding schemes, tables, graphs, pictures, diagrams etc. – Singling out key words – Changing vocabulary, grammar construction of the original text – Repeating the idea with your own formulae using the key words.

Essay paraphrasing is used only for the comparatively short pieces of text – sentences, paragraphs. Try to present them saving the original meaning and sense.  

Avoid Plagiarism While Essay Paraphrasing

To avoid “stealing” of somebody else’s ideas and accusations in plagiarism paraphrasing should demand the expressions completely different from those from the primary source. Find the alternative words to express the ideas, concepts, theories… Remember that essay paraphrasing is close to summarizing, quoting, reviewing, but these notions are not equal.

If you feel you can not master the essay paraphrasing art so easy, you may buy essay online with the already paraphrased sources included.

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